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I came across this article the other day, which – via hilarious stick men drawings, explains the inner workings of what goes on inside the brain of a person who is chronically late (hands up me). It got me thinking about lateness in general, how it affects pole, and our three basic rules about being all tardy.
We get it. You’re new, and you haven’t got a clue. You don’t know what to wear, what to bring, where to park, how to act, or what to say – and that’s O.K. The good new is: All you’ve really got to do is turn up and get stuck in.
OMG isn't this exciting??!! Strip Down, Rise Up is the first pole dance documentary to have made it onto Netflix!!! Where a piece of our industry can be viewed for the first time on a global level, from the comfort of your home TV.
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Stress, Anxiety, Back pain, Pole pain! Could this be a cheap alternative cure all?
Oh SQUEEEE!!! I have it! I finally have it! The lumea has been on my wish list for about a million years and now I have one!