STRICTLY No ‘Dutch Courage’

We just don’t do it. If you’ve been drinking you’ll be asked to leave, without any kind of refund.

Don’t come to class with oils or lotions or fake tan on your skin

It will rub off on the pole and make it too slippery to safely work on for you AND the next person.

Don’t teach unless you are qualified, insured, certified and paid by us to do so.

Being helpful and supportive to your fellow students is fine and we encourage this, but to save injuries from a mis-taught trick, please leave the teaching to your instructor.

No ‘Diva-ing’

Please don’t hog the pole.

Be warned…

You are likely to suffer some minor injuries whilst learning any new sport.
In pole dance, understand that you are putting your body under new strains and may result in bruises and pole burn. This will subside once your body gets used to being used in this way.

Taking pictures/Videos and Social Media usage

It’s ok to take a few snaps of yourself on the pole for the all important Face Book cred of course! (Please TAG US!)

And take video’s of yourself to help with your training so you can see where your personal strengths and weaknesses are, we totally encourage this.

But it is NOT ok to video the whole class – routines and class structure remain the property of Candy & Chrome – please respect this.

Also, PLEASE be considerate when you take your shots – try to avoid getting other class members in the shot to respect their privacy. That may sound snotty but a girl may be get trouble at work or with family if she’s spotted in YOUR pole pic’s for example!  It’s important to be respectful of this.

Be sensible

If you’re feeling frisky and want to invert (go upside-down), or want to try ANYTHING that you’re not totally confident at – ask us to spot you. That’s an order!

Show respect

To Your Instructor – Don’t talk over her, you might miss important stuff!

To Your Classmates – We encourage a supportive environment – if you see someone struggle, help them, support them, encourage them – make a new pal!

To Yourself – Take that voice in your head that tells you you look fat, like an idiot, can’t do this, not strong enough, will never make this look good etc …. and B*TCH SLAP HER!  She doesn’t belong here.



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