• Candy & Chrome reserves the right to (potentially) insist on the wearing of face coverings.
  • Candy & Chrome reserve the right to (potentially)  take temperature readings at the door.
  • Candy & Chrome reserves the right to (potentially) request all students take a self lateral flow test on the day of class, and provide the negative result strip.
  • Candy & Chrome reserves the right to (potentially) request proof of vaccination in the future.
  • Candy & Chrome reserves the right to (potentially) refuse service without refund if a threat to public health is determined, or in the instance of refusal to adhere to our safety procedure’s outlined here.



Customer Procedures for June- December 2021:

  • If you have recently been abroad, please do not return to class until you have completed your 2 week isolation period.
  • If you display ANY symptoms of ANY illness, please do not come to class. This includes even ‘just a headache’ or ‘just a snotty nose’.  Candy & Chrome cannot reimburse you for missed lessons due to illness, our apologies.
  • Please ONLY attend your class when you are fit and well.
  • Currently, Candy & Chrome insists on all students EITHER wearing a face covering for class, OR providing a negative result Lateral Flow test in order to participate.  Of course we welcome both.
  • Please bring a mask with you regardless, so that you may move about freely within the venue if needs be.
  • Hair must be tied up, unless too short to do so.
  • Bring own water bottle and remember to leave with it.
  • Wait outside until your temperature has been taken, and you are told to come in.
  • Enter through atrium door.  Enter wearing a face covering.
  • Adhere to 2m social distance rule at all times.
  • Wash hands with soap & water in toilets provided before class start. Wear a face covering whilst doing this.
  • Break room is out of service temporarily.
  • Enter room and stand on provided spinner boards.  Those who provide negative lateral flow tests can remove face coverings at this point.
  • Clean pole using provided alcohol spray & Blu roll in between each exchange.
  • Allow instructor to administer 1 spray of hand sanitiser every 15 minutes.
  • Use antibac moisturiser on way out.  Wear a face covering to exit.
  • Exit using hall door.



Staff Procedures for June- December 2021:

  • Arrive early enough to clean pole room surfaces wearing gloves provided.
  • Poles | Door handles | Light & Lamp switches | Table top surfaces | Crash Mats.
  • Use break room at own risk, however do not allow access to students until otherwise stated.
  • Wearing face covering is at your own discretion during class, however wearing a face covering about the venue is mandatory.
  • Call students in through atrium door, ensuring 2m social distance, face covering for entry procedure & hand washing rules are adhered to.
  • Take temperature reading for each entry, and observe any volunteered LF test results, or upon Candy & Chrome’s request.
  • Call students into pole room one at a time, ensuring each are stood on provided spinners.
  • Ensure masks are worn or removed as necessary & hair is tied.
  • Lead ab spinner based warm up.
  • Ensure pole cleaning in between each exchange.
  • Administer hand sanitiser spray every 15 minutes.
  • No spotting without gloves or sanitising.  Mask to be worn when spotting, unless it’s an emergency dive in.
  • Ensure students exit through hall door, wearing face coverings.
  • Repeat all procedure’s for second class.
  • Repeat cleaning procedure for close down.
  • Set ozone cube to work (if using).
  • Close down as normal, cleaning pole equipment as we pack down.



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