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Pole Dance Instructors Chester & Wrexham.

Possibly the best pole dance instructors | Chester & Wrexham!

Candy & Chrome has been serving the most popular pole dance & fitness classes in the area since 2007, but our reputation is only as good as our instructors.

And what a fabulous team I have!

Below you will find out who will be guiding you through your classes, but first, here’s a little about who I am, and the vision I have for my little company, Candy & Chrome.

Chief Instructor & Business Owner

Candy & Chrome | Pole Dance & Fitness | Chester & Wrexham | Pole Dance Instructors | Chester & Wrexham


Director & Principal Instructor

  • Fully insured
  • Fitness qualified
  • First Aid Certified
  • PDC Approved & Regulated
  • Chester’s only PDC 4****Star Instructor
  • Over 15 years experience
  • Semi retired admin lady

About Me:

Hi, I’m Amy. I am the owner and principal instructor at Candy & Chrome. I am a POLE DANCE INSTRUCTOR first, foremost  and forever.  

Basically, what this means is … I LOVE POLE! in all it’s glorious forms. And I love to share it with YOU.

I’m not a performer, I’m not an exercise freak, and I don’t compete, I am an ordinary woman like you.

Also, I don’t hammer the gym, I eat junk food as well as clean food, and I worry about my health and figure.

Thankfully, pole dancing as a regular activity means that I can afford to worry about these things a bit less.

And appreciate my body a bit more …. exactly as it is!

I have been teaching pole dance in Chester since I started Candy & Chrome in 2007, from beginner level, through to advanced.

However these days, I am more of a semi retired admin lady, teaching beginner to intermediate level.

About Candy & Chrome:

With Candy & Chrome, I wanted to create an atmosphere where people could come and learn to pole dance without feeling the pressure of having to keep up with the younger girls, or be unattainably athletic. 

Therefore, I’ve invested the last fifteen or so years building strong teaching skills, and developing my team of instructors.

Owing to this, we have designed the classes to be dynamic, but fun, free flowing, easy going, and allow you to learn at a natural pace that’s realistic and achievable for all.

This has been achieved with great success!

And so my little company has gone from strength to strength, gaining recognition within the pole dance industry on the whole, as well as a great reputation which circulates good word of mouth.

As such, Candy & Chrome was awarded as a finalist for TWO Flintshire Business Awards, and I also held the ‘Network She’s Young Business Woman of the Year’ Finalist position.

But my proudest achievements are not listed here.

They are on the Facebook walls of my students, in the training and achievements of my instructors past and present, and of course, in the classroom.

When you choose to learn pole dance with us, I can promise you these things:

  • You will be SAFE
  • You’ll be challenged, encouraged & supported
  • You will get top class quality instruction from the most experienced team of professionals available
  • You’ll get your money’s worth & more
  • You WILL have FUN!
Candy & Chrome | Pole Dance & Fitness | Chester & Wrexham | Pole Dance Instructors | Chester & Wrexham


(Vee Von Brains)

Intermediate & Advanced Instructor

  • Fully Insured
  • First Aid Certified
  • PDC Approved
  • Over 8 Years Experienced

Specialist Skills: Brains. Pole Mechanics. Legs.

About Verity:

Pole Dance Instructors | Chester & Wrexham

Verity is my ever-enthused Advanced instructor and my trusted, experienced all hands on deck!

Overall, I have never known anyone quite so vibrant and energetic as this girl.

And it’s been a pleasure to see her advance from pole student, to assistant instructor, to full instructor – bringing that vibrancy with her.

Verity has energy in spades, and will have you jamming around the pole with vigor even on your crappest day!  

She will turn the frown upside down, quite literally!

Her personal pole style is an eclectic mix of all things contemporary, balletic, classique, salsa and even pole nerdy!

In her time working along side me, as my fellow geek with six pack – Verity has developed a keen eye for ‘pole mechanics’.  

Not just a pretty face, Vee uses her clever sciencey background skills to break down your pole moves to a microscopic, bio mechanical level if required – great for those days when you’re just not getting it!

If not, she’s the Duracell bunny of pole, with no off switch!  I love having her in my team, picking me up and pushing me onwards!

Candy & Chrome | Pole Dance & Fitness | Chester & Wrexham | Pole Dance Instructors | Chester & Wrexham


(The Mount)

Instructor Assistant

  • Over 13 Years Experience

Specialist Skills: Can throw a rug whilst in shoulder mount position. Most insane amount of electric leg switches executed in a single set.

About Emma:

Pole Dance Instructors | Chester & Wrexham

Possibly the only person I’ve every known to get near 40 electric leg switches in one sitting! Emma is our muscle-tastic assistant instructor.

Emma’s role at Candy & Chrome is to assist the instructor, as well as YOU.

She shimmies around the room spotting you, encouraging you, demonstrating moves as they are broken down to the finer point of instruction.

She supports you through your lessons, as well as imparting some experience of her own!
Bringing strength and flawless grace to the pole, Emma helps you work on control and confidence in your pole moves.

Emma has advanced interpersonal skills and a natural ability to relate to women with varying levels of confidence, so if you’re feeling a little shy or under confident – she will be your spotter, your pole buddy and your biggest fan!

Undoubtedly, she is a hard working poller, who relishes the opportunity to demonstrate how different body types can perform the same moves on the pole with grace, control and style!

In the years that she has been under my instruction, I have seen her develop physically, as a confident person, and a proficient pole dancer.

I’m most proud to have her in my team, and whooping my personal bests!

Candy & Chrome | Pole Dance & Fitness | Chester & Wrexham | Pole Dance Instructors | Chester & Wrexham


(Boobilicious Killer Queen)

Assistant Instructor

  • Over 1.5 Years Experience

Specialist Skills: Confidence work. Booty work. Laughs.

About Laura:

Pole Dance Instructors | Chester & Wrexham

She’s a killer Queeeeeeennnnn….. Dynamite with a laser beam, guaranteed to blow your mind ANYTiiiiiME!

My Laura. Oh god my Laura. Where would I be without her?! Healthcare worker AND mum of FOUR (says it already!), Laura is our resident warrior woman.

Newest to our clan, I just couldn’t wait to take her on. Still in training herself, Laura is my boobilicious barrel of bring it on!

Bringing personality by the bucketload, she just lights up the room. Then sets it ablaze. Frequently.

Often the first to flaw it, Laura teaches us strength & resilience, in true warrior style. My girl refuses to be beaten down, or quit.

And as a result, she has become a confident and beautiful pole dancer, who really brings the FUN and makes you want to join her party!

Just when you think you can’t, Laura is there to tell you that actually, you absolutely effing can! She is your coach, your spotter, your buddy, and your own personal cheer team.

She is the reason why pole is good therapy, as well as the example that it’s good for us all. Her growing skill set makes me the proudest instructor going, and the way she comes to life when she coaches makes me equally proud to have her at my side.

Candy & Chrome | Pole Dance & Fitness | Chester & Wrexham | Pole Dance Instructors | Chester & Wrexham


(Lady Million)

Assistant Instructor

  • Over 4 Years Experience

Specialist Skills: No Pian, No Gain. GoGo Gadget Biceps.

About Abby:

Pole Dance Instructors | Chester & Wrexham

Astonishingly, I am yet to find something that Abby can’t do. Except bake. She’s not the best baker.

When she’s not jetsetting around the globe looking for adventure, Abby brings the adventure to the classroom.

There’s never been a move we’ve thrown at her, that she wouldn’t try!

With her no pain, no gain attitude, Abby brings bravery, and her sense of adventure to each class, encouraging (or daring) you do go one step further with your pole moves.

She’s a keen spotter to boot, so worry not, for you are in safe hands.

Highborn as she may be, Abby is made of the tough stuff and unafraid to roll up her sleeves. She will assist you as you get yourselves into the more complex and awkward poses, and stands ready to catch you if you fall. She could probably tarmac your driveway too. Singlehandedly. With one arm.

A natural party gal, Abby loves to get social with the girls in class, and shower you support, giggles and encouragement.

On the pole she is strong, confident and fearless, with plenty of smiles and sass! And that is exactly why we love her by our side in class.