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What’s In Your Pole Gym Kit?

Once you get past Beginner level in pole dance, and things are starting to become a bit more serious, it’s well worth picking yourself up a ‘Pole Gym Bag’, to be kept in the car at all times, ready for pole class!

Leggings are out and cute little outfits are in, the smaller the better! 

Hopefully, by now you’ll be using your health journal and carrying it everywhere with you, and then there’s the pole grip you bought the other week to cart around too, plus your phone for the all important pole selfies, water infuser, hand towel, stripper heels etc…

If your going to make a commitment then it’s time to kit you out like you mean business!

So… Here’s what’s in our Pole Gym Kit – What’s in yours?

Pole Fitness Chester & Wrexham | Candy & Chrome Pole Dance | What's In Your Pole Gym Bag?

Pole Wear

Initially, in Beginner level, you’ll probably be in leggings for a little while, and then maybe some cute little booty shorts from Tesco. 

That’s really all you need to get started.

But, after a little while you’ll probably graduate to a cute little cropped top from Primark, and maybe a matching set from some yoga retailer.

But then finally, you are ready to spend the big bucks on something miniscule… and perfect! 

Either way, in the bag it goes!

Stripper Heels

Well… if you were going to a gym you’d take your Nike trainers right?!

So of course, when it comes to pole class you should always bring your trusty Pleaser Heels or Hella Heels – Just in case!

Plus, we need to practise wearing the daym thangs as much as we practise pole!

Pole Fitness Chester & Wrexham

Pole Fitness Chester & Wrexham | Candy & Chrome | What's in your pole gym bag?

Water Infuser

Because staying hydrated during your pole class is important AF.

It can help prevent injury, and if you infuse your water with certain fruits and vegetables, you can benefit from extra vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients anti oxidants.  

Drinking fruit infused water adds flavour but without adding sugar or calories.

Health Journal

We talked about this in another blog.

Bring your ‘Pole Bible’ with you, and continually add to the ‘Ultimate Pole Dance Training Manual’ written by – YOU!

Hair Thingies

Because damn my hair!  Always in the way!

And bring a few because they always snap mid pole lesson too!

Pole Fitness Chester & Wrexham

Grip for pole dance - Gifts for Pole Dancers - Pole Grip Bottle -Liquid Chalk - Liquid Grip - Pole Dance Grip Aid - Candy & Chrome Pole Dance - Chester & Wrexham

Pole Grip

If you’re using a specialised hand antiperspirant, then remember this needs to be applied about half an hour before you pole fitness class starts.

You may even need a few different grips, and there are plenty out there to choose from, ranging in strength and whether they are for hands or the body.

If you need to swot up on what’s available, visit our Blog section ‘Grip Stuff’.

Alternatively, visit our Shop to buy some.

Phone & Selfie Stick

Let’s not pretend that we aren’t vain as hell! 

But to be fair,  that first time you invert, your favorite butterfly pose, and your first clean handspring definitely all need capturing and going straight to social media!

We do have a few teeny tiny rules about taking photo’s in pole class though so make sure you pay a quick visit to our FAQ page before getting too snappy.

Hand Towel

Yes of course you could get fancy and have your very own cloth with your name embroidered in platinum thread – and we fully approve of that!

But if not, then we like the simple microfiber ones from the pound shop to wipe away sweat and clean the pole etc…


Now it doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while there’s that lady who’s just a tad … extra!

(It’s me… I’m ‘extra’!)

If this is you, then we totally understand and you are absolutely allowed to nip out of class for a moment to freshen up if you need to.

And Finally…

Don’t forget these things.

I’m just going to let this picture do the talking.


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