Candy & Chrome Pole Fitness Workshops Chester & Wrexham

Our Pole Fitness Workshops Chester & Wrexham

Our pole fitness workshops in Chester & Wrexham are great for when you need help with target areas.
Workshops may include:

Pole Dance & Fitness in Chester with Candy & Chrome. Pole fitness, Burlesque, Hen Parties in Chester, Wrexham & North Wales.

Combo’s Workshop

A combo’s workshop is suitable for Intermediate and Advanced level students, as a good repertoire of moves under your belt is required.

During the Combo’s workshop, we aim to have you as high as is comfortable on the pole.

Next, you will learn to pull a combination of at least three pole moves before returning to the ground.

You will be taught how to hold each pose to photo-shoot quality standard.

As well as, personalise them, and transition smoothly between each.

The more advanced dancers may be shown three to five trick aerial combo’s.

Pole Fitness Workshops Chester & Wrexham  andy & Chrome

Climbs, Mounts & Dismounts Workshop

Again, this one is more suited for the Intermediate to Advanced level students.

We will show you a variety of climbs, mounts and dismounts to help perfect your pole work.

These are sometimes covered in your regular classes, but rarely worked on in detail, and this is why we have this workshop.

You will be shown your basic pole climb again, however it will be slowed right down, in order to teach you control and detail, plus various hand, arm and leg grips.

You’ll also work on side climbs and caterpillar climbs.

Other mounts may include handstand mounts, aerial leg switches, various hand springs, shoulder mounts, deadlifts and more.

Dismounts will also be covered, to include split dismounts and handstand dismounts.

Pole Fitness Workshops Chester & Wrexham | Candy & Chrome

Flips & Drops Workshop

Yep … This one is as scary as it sounds! And obviously more suited to Advanced level students!

Learn how to flip onto or flip off the pole safely and with best technique, as well as learning how to execute a controlled pole drop.

Pole Fitness Workshops Chester & Wrexham | Candy & Chrome

Nemesis Tricks

This is relevant at any level!

No matter where you’re at, in this workshop we will work on everybody’s nemesis tricks!

Having a workshop like this means that we can dedicate more time than we normally would be able to in your regular class.

As well as looking at the finer details, we will study your body position to identify and correct any minute errors, to enable you to execute your specific moves comfortably, confidently and seamlessly.

Floor Work Workshops

Suitable for any level poller, we also offer floor work workshops.

Learn the floor tricks of the trade, such as, the ass mountain, tentacle legs, caterpillars, Arial pose.

In addition, learn how to do muscle isolations and body slide like a pro.

Attending a specific workshop like this will teach you how to transition between two poles with serpentine fluidity.

And also, perform an apparatus free, sensual tease, tailored to highlight all things feminine with captivating, confident, goddess-like prowess.


A specialist class concentrating on isolating gluteal muscles & manipulation.

Twerking is a skill that takes time practise and foremost, good technique to master!