A really great grip for pole dance, and possibly one of the best available on the UK market today.

Produced right here in the UK, PoleGrip packs a mighty punch and makes for a great alternative for the beloved American made Dry Hands.

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PoleGrip – Grip for pole dance


If you are looking for a decent grip for pole dance, then PoleGrip by Pole Amor UK is winner!

Disappointingly, the packaging lacks somewhat.  But do not let the label speak for the quality of this grip!

Thankfully, it becomes clear pretty quickly that money, time and care has been fully invested in the product.

PoleGrip packs a mighty punch and in my humble opinion is another great alternative for the beloved Dry Hands.

It is thinner than the XDry, and as such it is quite easy to absolutely jizz through if you’re not careful.

And because it is so delightfully close to our favorite grip of all time, one could get very carried away with the usage!

Luckily, I don’t get too affected by loss of grip, so 1-2 applications in an hours stint was enough for me.

However, I do genuinely feel like I could load up on this stuff several times an hour and still have great grip delivery, without a product build up problem.

This product works well on it’s own, but it is also suitable to double up with a specific hand antiperspirant, creating a hybrid supergrip!

Using a small amount of PoleGrip will have you hanging with extra confidence, no matter how sweaty the Betty.