Intermediate Level Pole Fitness Course | Thursdays


Intermediate Level Pole Fitness Course

Cost £45 | 4 Week Course | To be repeated as required


Intermediate Pole Fitness Course Prerequisites: You must be competent at Improver level pole dance & fitness in order to book onto this course.  You must complete a booking form upon payment for this course.

Covid-19 Actions: All participants must either wear a face covering for the session, or provide a negative lateral flow test, taken prior to each session on the day.  Face coverings must be worn to move about the venue, however, can be removed whilst training if a negative lateral flow test is provided.  All participants will also have their temperature taken at the door, as well as handwashing upon entry, periodic alcohol spritz’, and sanitising equipment after each use.


All classes start with a basic warm up and stretches, and end with cooling down stretches.



Intermediate Level Pole Fitness Course

Join our Intermediate Level Pole Fitness course, suitable for anyone wishing to gain strength take their skill set one step further, and defy gravity!

There are many benefits of doing regular pole dance classes, physical, mental as well as emotional too.

And it’s at this level, that you begin to see some of those benefits paying off already!

Madonna and JLo famously took their pole skill set to this level is not too long of a time, in the grand scheme of things.

You could too!  You’ve already been brave enough to give it a good try – so why not take the next step and see if you can go a bit further?


Intermediate Pole Fitness Course Description:


Congratulations! You’re skill set is now pretty impressive!

But you’re not ready to hang upside down off one toe just yet!

This course is designed to help you gain confidence in being upside down, spending time at mid-pole height, and refining your technique.

As well as making sure your leg/hip/arm locks are secure, trying a couple of basic combinations, working on the weaker side, dead lifting and making it all look natural!

Also, this is a great level to return to, if you’ve had a bit of a pole break and were previously at Intermediate or Advanced standard, and saves you having to shell out un-necessarily.

By the end of this course, your ears will be ringing with the sound of my voice screaming:

‘Lift don’t swing! Butt higher! Hold it! Exit nicely and Point your feet!’

But you will move like a butterfly and have the precision of a pole ninja!

Most students will need to repeat this course numerous times before moving on to the Advanced level, as the spectrum of moves that are considered ‘Intermediate’ are almost endless!




To book, first you must make payment here.

Secondly, you must complete a BOOKING FORM.