A really great grip for pole dance, and possibly one of the best available on the UK market today.

Produced right here in the UK, PoleGrip packs a mighty punch and makes for a great alternative for the beloved American made Dry Hands.

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Pole Dance Grip Aid – XDry


If you are looking for a decent grip for pole dance grip aid, then XDry is winner!

As you probably know from our blogs, Dry Hands is an American product that has been the holy grail of hand grips for the past 15 or so years.

Despite the fact that it was a produced for the sport of golf, it was the go-to product of the pole world.

Sadly, Brexit has made it impossible for us to get a hold of this at a reasonable price these days.

And so, the UK went on a mission to create a Great British ‘dupe’.

XDry is the closest product on the British market that I’ve found so far, that can honestly rival the miraculous Dry Hands.

Produced by one of the most important names in pole, the boffins at X-Pole UK describe it as ‘The ultimate sport enhancement product designed to give you complete control’.